The psychology of foreskin restoration

The following information has been gathered over a period of time and represents practical research, counselling many people and a general understanding of male thoughts and behavior. The article has been compiled by a person who is in part time Christian ministry and also restores. Please note that the information is not to be taken as absolute and may vary from person to person.

  • Before you start, please remember not to resent whoever it was who had you circumsized. It is likely to have been your parents and if the father is intact, the resentment for the son may be even worse. Accept that your parents probably made a mistake through ignorance rather than having intentionally caused you suffering.

    Resentment (and in fact any emotional stress) uses a lot of mental energy. Since you need to be mentally and emotionally fit to restore, you can do without additional stressors. Forgiveness is a central theme of faith and, irrespective of your religious conviction, is crucial in life.

  • Restoration involves all three aspects of the human beings constitution – body, mind and soul. You are restoring your body; satisfying the mind (thus your senses); as well as satisfying a deep desire from within the soul. Should any of these areas be neglected, you are going to have a hard time pushing on.

    Many men report that when they wake up in a bad mood, they tend to “forget” to tape or use whatever they restore with. This “forget” is because each unit of your three-tierd constitution (body, soul and mind) is able to override the other. For example, if you are chased by a dog, the body releases adrenaline which allows you to jump over a wall with ease. Try doing that the next day! The body requires additional functionality to overcome a “fight or flight” stimulus-response situation and overrides the mind, which under normal circumstances would say “You can’t jump over this wall!”. Likewise, when you are emotionally down, the effort to address the emotional burden is stronger than the requirements of the body at that point, and so restoration will take a back seat.

  • Restoration is not primarily a “sexual thing”. The primary reason for restoring is to regain a lost part of your body and to feel whole. The advantages that this will have on your sexuality are secondary in value. A restoring person with no active sex life restores because he wants to regain the missing body part, not because of the sexual gratification. Of course, he will reap the benefits later anyway.

  • Restoration also has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It is unfortunate that the media tries to label restoration as a gay practice. This is irresponsible and harms both the gay and straight sectors of male society. In fact, many men get together in support groups and are unaware of, or not even interested in, the others’ sexual orientation. In the end we are men with a common problem.

  • Success is often determined by emotional will power rather than physical attributes. You need to restore regularly, but not ever make it an overpowering issue. You need to continue living normally each day and your focus should be to restore while continuing with daily routine. Do not focus on restoration only – it wastes energy. If you miss a day or a certain period, do not dwell on this.

  • Whatever method you use, NEVER have a 24/7 approach. You cannot restore permanently. More healing takes place during a rest period than during peak exercise. If you were to workout in the gym 24 hours a day, you won’t make it past the first week. Ditto for restoration. Your body needs time to recover. Like weight training and muscle building where the muscle tissue actually gets torn and the areas then healed by adding additional body tissue, so the foreskin is stretched, causing minute tears, which the body immediately starts filling with new skin tissue, for all layers of the skin. It is the areas that are being “filled up” that cause growth. But you need to allow the new tissue some time to be established. This is where the recovery period is so important.

  • Set realistic goals. You first need to understand that:
    • most of the images you see on porno web sites of men who are extremely well endowed are probably digitally manipulated anyway;
    • the bigger the penis, the more skin has to be restored. Decide whether you want functionality or size;
    • you will never be able to regain all the functionality your intact friends have. While the restored penis will most likely be indistinguishable from an intact one, some of the nerve endings are gone forever. But the sensitivity of the glans will return in no time at all.
    • the process will take time and the duration will differ from person to person. It has to do with genetics. Some bodies heal quicker than others. You are not going to have a covered glans in a week.
  • When setting your goals, make sure they are attainable. Treat yourself when a goal has been attained successfully. Goals could include:
    • You may want more sensitivity in the glans. This can be obtained without any new growth as such, but because the glans is covered during restoration, the keritinized skin starts to disappear and the proper glans membrane (it is not actually skin!) reappears. Now that it does not have a hard covering anymore, you will be more sensitive in this area and thus previous inability to reach orgasm slowly and without vigorous stimulation, will disappear.
    • You may want more shaft skin. As you restore, more skin is produced and a usually tensely stretched skin (when erect) will be replaced with more skin and allow more movement along the length of the shaft.
    • You may want coverage of the glans. This is the next stage. Skin covering skin results in moisture being retained and this affects both the glans and the skin covering it. The “inner foreskin” starts to develop sensitivity. It is quite amazing that the body “knows” how each area should be and should act. Coverage of the glans itself will be in stages:
      • Getting skin over the rim of the glans;
      • Getting the glans partially covered; and
      • Getting a tapered look where the foreskin covers the entire glans so that no part of the glans is visible anymore. Please note that many intact men do not even have a complete covering of the glans! This would be the “ultimate goal”.
  • As you can see from the goals above there are stages and even stages-within-stages. Each is a goal on its own working towards the ultimate goal – feeling and knowing you have been restored.