German court bans circumcision of young boys


BERLIN | Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:05pm EDT [Source]

(Reuters) – Jewish and Muslim groups protested on Wednesday after a German court banned the circumcision of young boys for religious reasons in the first ruling of its kind in the country.

The court in the western city of Cologne handed down the decision on […]

South African Medical Association denounces circumcision of infants

In a response letter to NOCIRC-SA, the South African Medical Association denounces the circumcision of male infants for HIV prevention as “unethical” and “illegal.”

(The South African Medical Association sent a letter response last week to NOCIRC-SA—the South African chapter of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers— denouncing male infant circumcision as […]

Swazi men stop using condoms after circumcision

More and more reports are coming through of African men who abandon condoms in favour of circumcision. Exactly what anti-circumcision activists have been warning all along:

“One man boasts that he got circumcised because it is “nice to have sex without condoms” — drawing a furious reaction from the recruiters.”

Circumcision does not prevent HIV, […]

Brian Morris, Circumcision proponent

This video shows how Brian Morris unblinkingly and unthinking approaches circumcision, wanting to universally amputate foreskins.

It should make us all worry about believing in something too strongly, because it can blind us to the truth….as Mr. Morris to clearly illustrates.

Circumcision of babies for proposed HIV prevention unethical and illegal

Circumcision of babies for proposed HIV prevention unethical and illegal

Dear Dr Tshabalala and Mr Maxon,

It has recently come to our attention that the KZN-Natal Health Department is planning to encourage the universal circumcision of infant boys in an attempt to curb HIV infection rates.

We hope that you have had time to […]

Infant Circumcision - The Last Acceptable Abuse


Circumcision can be seen as a form of mutilation and a form of abuse when done to a child or baby against it’s will and the systematic routine practise of this disgusts me. In hospitals all over America right now, babies are strapped into a plastic mould called a ‘circumstraint’ with two arm restraints […]

More circumcised men are HIV positive

More circumcised men are HIV positive


MBABANE – Even though male circumcision is considered to have a protective effect for HIV infection, circumcised men have a slightly higher HIV infection than those who are not.

The Times SUNDAY can today reveal that government has known this for close to three […]

Conference tells AAP, CDC: “Don’t cut babies”

July 31st, 2010 by ICGI

An international conference has delivered a clear message to US medical bodies not to recommend any infant genital cutting that is not strictly necessary, organizers say. The 11th International Symposium on Genital Integrity ended at the University of California at Berkeley this evening.

“We learned how circumcision does much more […]

Circumcision Rates Plummet in USA: 2 Out of 3 Boys Escape the Knife

August 14th, 2010 by ICGI

The US male infant circumcision rate is now 32%, according to the CDC. This is great news for Intactivists and even better news for the more than one million boys who are now remaining intact every year. This means that their efforts have been successful in continuing the steady decline […]

Distributors reject call to stop using circumcision clamp

09 Jul 2010 Sapa

CAPE TOWN — The southern African distributors of the Tara KLamp circumcision device have rejected a call for it to be put on hold until safety concerns have been addressed.

The call was made yesterday in a joint statement by the Treatment Action Campaign and the Southern African HIV Clinicians’ […]