Infant Circumcision - The Last Acceptable Abuse


Circumcision can be seen as a form of mutilation and a form of abuse when done to a child or baby against it’s will and the systematic routine practise of this disgusts me. In hospitals all over America right now, babies are strapped into a plastic mould called a ‘circumstraint’ with two arm restraints and two leg restraints and a clamp fitted onto the end of each baby boy’s penis which is fixed so tightly it crushes the tissue, damaging the penis, just so there is less blood when they make the incision and cut off the foreskin. It’s a pretty horrific and barbaric practice.

“There is reason why they call it ‘cut’ – because you loose something.”

It is not a normal act to lob off a piece of skin and flesh from a baby. When you think about it, anyone caught doing this in any other circumstance would be imprisoned. Under the guise of religion and tradition however, it slips under the radar. What would happen if, let’s take Scientologist’s as an example (as they are considered a relatively new religion) announced to the world that all their babies were to have their ear lobes removed at birth as standard practise? There would be outrage from most if not all communities of the world. And why? – because it’s a very weird, unnecessary thing to do and morally wrong to permanently change a baby physically, cause it pain and scar it, emotionally and physically. However, because people have been practising circumcision for many years, it’s deemed as being perfectly ok to do – even though it’s no different to removing an earlobe, nipple or eyelid. There is absolutely no good reason to cut off a boy’s foreskin, unless in adult life it is causing complications and the reason is medical. Even circumcision for women is deemed ‘wrong’ by the western society, but for men it’s supposed to be okay?

How does this affect you if you are religious? Well, it states nowhere in the Koran anything at all about circumcision. Nor do you have to be circumcised if you are a Jewish – it is simply a ‘gesture’ of dedication, but not necessary. The main culprit of circumcision is actually Americans.

The reason why American’s first started the procedure in 1870’s was because they thought it ‘cured’ ‘diseases’ such as ‘masturbation’ and ‘madness’. It was done to children as soon as they were born as a sort of ‘vaccination’ against these ‘diseases’. In the 1890’s there was also an attempt to make it law for all “Negro boys to be circumcised so as to reduce their sex drive and protect white women from rape.” Dr John Harvey Kellogg’s, of Corn Flake fame, was a huge supporter of this, and actually wrote in a book in 1877 that he thought the procedure should be done to babies with no anaesthetic so that the baby would have an emotional pain memory to learn not to masturbate;

“The operation should be performed without administering an anaesthetic, as the brief pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment.

“In a way, he was right to assume that circumcision will affect the sexual habits of the individual. In recent scientific demonstrations, it is shown how a cut penis often does not perform correctly or naturally during sex and can be problematic for both men and women. There is not enough skin to accommodate an erection – therefore there is no ‘give’ necessary for more pleasurable sex from the perspective of the person being penetrated. Essentially you are being poked hard and awkwardly which can cause pain and discomfort. The edge of the head of the penis, called the ‘coronal ridge hook’ is not protected by bunched up foreskin on cut penis and so it not only scrapes the lining of the vagina/**** when being withdrawn but it also looses the vacuum to hold in the natural lubrication. The vagina was designed with the foreskin to create this vacuum to hold in the man’s ejaculation – it helps procreate. No vacuum means less sperm are trapped and getting pregnant, if that is your aim, can be more difficult. Not to mention it is very difficult to masturbate without having to use lubrication – another opportunity for someone to sell you something you don’t need and making the natural spontaneity of sex and masturbation into something synthetic and artificial.

The very common and weak excuse about cleanliness and that cut men are cleaner or healthier is misguided. All of our body gets dirty and builds up dirt – earwax, mucus, nails, hair – we wash them all and survive, do we not? Nobody tells us to cut fingers off at birth just in case they get dirty, do they? There is absolutely no evidence to say it is healthier to have a cut penis, apart from the view that is if you have no foreskin you therefore automatically eliminate any remote chances of it being infected in the foreskin simply because you do not have one to be infected, but to the same example, if you remove children’s teeth then the chances of them having tooth decay is zero simply because they have no teeth to become decayed – that doesn’t mean that a child’s teeth will become decayed if they are not removed, obviously. Or even breast tissue – working on the same principles of that argument, we should remove the breast tissue of every newborn baby girl just in case they develop breast cancer in the future – ridiculous and flawed.

The actual practise of circumcision can also be very dangerous and it is a very major procedure to be undertaking on a newborn child and has been fatal in some cases. Doctors have quoted it is a barbaric act, unnecessary and the British Medical Association claim it is a completely unethical practise and that the reason why it is still going on and not being challenged is because it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Up until now, Americans have had to pay for healthcare and therefore pay to get a child circumcised – if Americans suddenly realised it was wrong to cut up a child’s natural penis there would be a huge impact on the health industry and fat cats would loose a hell of a lot of money – billions in fact. So basically, to save them loosing money – you or your child looses a necessary and natural part of your body. Mutilating and hurting new-born babies to make a buck – ahh, the American dream.

Finishing here a beautiful quote from ‘Elizabeth Blackwell’, who in as early as in 1894 clearly pointed out how absurd and arrogant it is to think that God and/or nature could make a mistake in the making of not only ‘man’ but all male mammals on the earth;

“Circumcision is based upon the erroneous principle that boys, i.e. one half of the human race, are so badly fashioned by Creative Power that they must be reformed by the surgeon; consequently that every male child must be mutilated by removing the natural covering with which nature has protected one of the most sensitive portions of the human body. The erroneous nature of such a practice is shown by the fact that although this custom (which originated amongst licentious nations in hot climates) has been carried out for many hundreds of generations (by Moslems and Jews), yet nature continues to protect her children by reproducing the valuable protection in man and all the higher animals, regardless of impotent surgical interference.”

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