Benefits of the foreskin


The foreskin is a highly nerve-laden structure, containing approximately 10,000 nerve endings, or more. It is this structure that gives the man his most pleasurable sensations. It also helps to retain glans sensitivity. Circumcision removes this structure and, over time sensitivity decreases, making it more difficult to achieve satisfactory stimulation.

For more information regarding the structure and function of this incredible important part of our anatomy visit:

What organisations support this process?

Here are the International Foreskin Restoration web sites. From here you can learn all you need to know about Foreskin Restoration and join a growing passionate online community.:

  • NORM – The original National Organization of Restoring Men – Based in the US.
  • 15 SQUARE – Excellent UK-based website with lots of information.
  • 4 – Another interesting site devoted to restoration.