Circumcision complications

Circumcision is full of long-term physical complications, many that few men will talk about due to the sensitive issue.  Click on the links below to be shown images of such complications.

Yes circumcision is that bad – the images in links below will explain why we prefer the true term Male Genital Cutting or Mutilation.

The physical damage does not include the unseen damage that occurs to the psyche of the infant undergoing the circumcision. More than 40 000 specialised nerve endings where supposed to plug into pleasure centres in the brain, and instead will be experiecing pain and altered sensation. This will change how the nervous system develops forever.

Even if a circumcised man’s level of perceived sexual dysfunction is low – a lot of highly erogenous and densely innervated and specialised skin equating to one third of the total penile shaft skin. This has affected circumcised men’s penises to a major degree, but since they have no baseline for comparison they are unaware of what was really lost.  Men that begin to restore their foreskin experience a sharp increase in sensitivity.

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Scarring Unevenness
skin removed
Varicose Veins Malapposition