Watch a circumcision

70% of parents who view a circumcision
decide against the procedure.

 This link goes to pictures, video, and .wav files.  They are graphic, as they should be.  Circumcision isn’t just “a little snip.”  It’s the removal of what would amount to a piece of skin the size of a 3″ x 5″ card.

Below are some more images related to circumcision.

If you are still in any doubt about whether to circumcise your child, please go an observe one in real life.

You shall see the baby object with all its heart.

Barbaric clamps such as these are used, often without painkillers


Sharp steel to cut delicate flesh


The skin is clamped compressing thousands of nerve endings and causing exceptional pain, even if painkillers are use - more than 40 000 nerve endings are removed. Permanent damage.


The baby screams to express the violation and pain. These screams are ignored.


Medievil circumstraint devices are used to hold the objecting baby down


This child is likely to have passed out from the pain. Doctors will often say babies go quite during a circumcision, but this is usually a withdrawel response to cope with tortuous pain.

Other devices commonly used to circumcise babies can be viewed here…